12 Simple Ways To Change Your Life In 30 Days!



Discover 12 Different Ways To Get Unstuck, Feel Better About Yourself, And Move Your Life Forward... In 30 Days Or Less!

Discover 12 Different Ways To Get Unstuck, Feel Better About Yourself, And Move Your Life Forward... In 30 Days Or Less!

You'll be surprised by what happens in just 30 short days!

12 Simple Ways To Change Your Life In 30 Days
12 Simple Ways To Change Your Life In 30 Days
Inside This Free eBook, You'll Discover...
Inside This Free eBook, You'll Discover...

After teaching over 1,000 personal growth seminars, I've found that simple strategies for improving life make the BIGGEST impact.

So, instead of trying to show you a million different things you could do, I wanted to give the ones that are really easy to use, take the least amount of time, and will make the biggest difference in your life!

In this book, I'll give you 12 different strategies to choose from. Then I'll tell you exactly how you use each of them to get the most out of them.

Here's what you can look forward to:

  • Want to feel more confident, secure, and happy? Or, would you like to just feel better about yourself? Learn how to manifest a greater version of YOU with Strategy #1.

  • ​Tired of feeling held back in life? Ready to face the things you've been afraid of so you can really live free of fear? Dive into Strategy #2 right away!

  • Say goodbye to "monkey-mind" and constant mental looping so you can be calmer, more relaxed, and have a quieter mind. Jump ahead to Strategy #3.

  • Feeling stuck lately? Want to get your energy moving in a positive, productive direction? Strategy #4 has your answer!

  • Having you been trying hard to make something happen but it hasn't been working? This is (almost) always an external manifestation of an energetic roadblock coming from within you. I tell you how to find the internal blockage and how to clear it in Strategy #5.

  • Do you want to raise your self-awareness? Would you like to develop a deeper connection with yourself? Strategy #6 is for you!

  • How to become more productive, knock things off your to-do list, and get things done... Revealed in Strategy #7.

  • How to get good at getting out of your comfort zone so you can have a more enriching, vibrant, and fulfilling life! Strategy #8.

  • The majority of people are either living in state of overwhelm or they're on the borderline of overwhelm. In Strategy #9, I tell you how to get out of overwhelm and make it a thing of the past!

  • Change can be scary right? In Strategy #10, I give you a simple, but very powerful way that makes embracing change easier and less scary. PLUS, this technique will also help you become more TRUSTING of yourself and of the Universe!

  • Do you ever get hard on yourself or beat yourself up? If so, you're not alone. In Strategy #11, I tell you how to dismantle this limiting pattern so you can be more loving or yourself. #selfcare

  • With strategy #12, you'll discover how to naturally build your confidence & self-esteem and become more VICTORIOUS in life! Plus, we'll combine it with a little-known Universal Law to compound your progress!

3 Easy Steps To The Changes You Want:

Step 1

Download the free e-book right away. The sooner you start, the sooner you're life begins changing.

Step 2

Look over the 12 practices and select the ONE that you like the most. These practices leverage the full might and power of Universal Law which means they're VERY potent... so you only need to start with one of them to see real, noticeable, and lasting change happen in your life.

Step 2

Take the ONE practice you selected to start with in Step 2, use it for (30) consecutive days, and watch your life change for the better!


Dale Halaway is a Master Teacher and the author of the best-selling book, Being Called To Change. He's an international self-help speaker and has taught more than 3,000 public seminars over the last 43 years helping others transform their lives, fix their relationships, and discover the happiness and joy that they deserve.
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